Fault diagnosis:  10 eur

Component installation + drivers: 5 eur / component

Cleaning from dust, replacement with thermal paste: 7 eur (Gaming PC – 15eur), notebook: 22 eur (Apple – 30 eur)

Windows Password Recovery: 5-10 eur

Full installation of Windows: 25 eur (this is a licensed Windows installation (based on the client license key), all drivers, audio and video codecs, plus a package of free programs: office, players, Skype, disk burning software, Etc.)

Restore the Windows system: (without deleting user programs, documents, with saving all old settings): 15 – 35 eur

Install antivirus: – 5 eur

Save and transfer data to the new OS: 5-20 eur 

Setting up the mail program: 5-10 eur

Router adjustment: 7 eur

Service «Delivery a computer from home to office and back»: 10 eur

Other works: 15 eur / hour